GK1 Dumpy Level and Tripod offered free to other voluntary groups

This Swiss-made Kern GK1 ‘dumpy’ level has a horizontal circle and a reading magnifier. It was originally marketed as a ‘Small Engineer’s level’ by the manufacturer. Its serial number (200774) suggests it was made sometime in the mid to late 1970s. It comes with its own original Kern carrying case. A note inside the case records that the level was adjusted and inspected by the Clarkson Group in 1987. Potential recipients should note that this type of level produces an inverted image.

The level also comes with a Kern Tripod and a plumb bob.

Further technical details of this make of level are available online here (see 3rd column for English):


An original prospectus for this make of level can be seen online here (in German):


UPDATE: The Kern level has now been donated to another Group and is no longer available.

Picture Gallery of the GK1 level and Tripod (click images to enlarge)

GK1 and Tripod, all elements

GK1, front

GK1, eyepiece and reading magnifier

GK1, side view

GK1, side view with serial number

GK1, carrying case and plumb bob

Note inside Carrying case

Tripod with carrying strap

Tripod, detail

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