RM4 Resistance Meter offered free to other voluntary groups

The Geoscan RM4 resistance meter is mounted on a frame in a twin probe configuration with 0.5m spacing between the mobile probes. Also included is a DL10 data logger. The logger has not been tested by the Group and any recipient would need to provide their own download cables and software to use it, assuming it is in working order. However the meter can still be used without the logger by making a manual note of the readings produced.

Included with the RM4, DL10 and frame are: the two remote probes and their connecting cable (stored on a cable drum), a battery charger, a screwdriver for assembly, and two carrying cases.

A technical description of the RM4 meter and a troubleshooting page can be seen on the Geoscan website here:



An operating manual for the meter can be downloaded from the Geoscan site here:


To enquire about this equipment, please email: mail@barg-online.org

UPDATE: The RM4 meter has now been donated to another Group and is no longer available.

Picture Gallery of the RM4 meter (click images to enlarge)

RM4 all elements

RM4 & DL10, close up.

Remote probes and cable drum

Remote probes, close up

Two carrying cases

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