2002 Archive News and Events

Date Event Main Outcomes

8th September 2002

Special General Meeting & Quarterly Open Meeting

The general meetings approved a small change to the Group constitution. At the Quarterly meeting, project leaders presented the work, finds and the findings of each of their projects. The results achieved are impressive.

10th September 2002

Dovecotes project meeting

The project group reviewed the work carried out over the summer and planned the survey of dovecotes in the Old Berkshire area of Oxfordshire.

15th September 2002

Hedgerow project working session in Barkham

The project group surveyed many of the hedges in eastern Barkham

18th September 2002

Committee meeting

The Committee approved the launch of the web site and the web site project

5th October 2002

Hedgerow project working session in Barkham

The project group has surveyed all but three of the hedges in eastern Barkham

15th October 2002

Meeting of the Dovecotes project

The meeting reviewed the list of dovecotes

20th October 2002

Joint meeting of Devil's Highway and Berkshire Hedgerows projects

Very wet day. The group surveyed 2 miles of Roman road and hedgerow east of Silchester

6th November 2002

Committee Meeting

The committee made some progress on developing the capabilities of the Group and planning the February 2003 meeting.

12th November 2002

Meeting of Dovecotes project

The meeting completed the descriptions of 11 of the 73 dovecotes under consideration

12th December 2002

Committee meeting

The committee planned the events and meetings for 2003

13 December 2002

Group Gathering

An enjoyable get together see the January 2003 Newsletter for details.