In addition to the Roman Boxford Project, which will shortly have its own page, BARG also runs a series of other research projects across the county. Typically BARG projects are either focussed on the investigation of an individual site (e.g. Spencer's Farm), or a particular interest throughout Berkshire (e.g. Dovecotes).

Each BARG Project has a designated leader and a project plan setting out objectives, methods and timescales. The following menu provides links to the pages for each project. Not all of the projects listed here are currently active, but if you would like to join in a project or find out more about it, you will find contact details for the project leader at the foot of each project page.

Berkshire Dovecotes Project
BARG has largely completed the work of cataloguing and where necessary recording these fascinating buildings which date from the medieval period through to modern times. More>

Berkshire Hedgerow Survey
It is increasingly recognised that studying the origin and development of hedgerows is a crucial element in furthering our understanding of the landscape. BARG has been conducting work on hedgerows in several parishes throughout the county, with large scale surveys at Barkham and Peasemore. More>
Devil's Highway Roman Road Project
This project investigated features along the Roman Road from London to Silchester, looking for evidence of its alignment and its structure. More>
Peasemore Landscape Archaeology Project
This community project was a multi-disciplinary investigation into the past of a parish in the Berkshire Downs, using a variety of techniques including test pit excavations, geophysics, hedgerow survey and documentary research. More>
Spencer's Farm Project
Spencer's Farm is the site of a medieval moated manor on the northern outskirts of what is now Maidenhead. This project is undertaking the massive task of conducting the post-excavation work from this site, which was excavated from 1966-1970. More>