List of Figures

Fig. 1 Janet Firth digging as a gardener in the area SE of the pond (Image: Richard Firth)

Fig. 2 Apollinaris bottles from Barkham (Image: Richard Miller)

Fig. 3 Apollinaris sherds

Fig. 4 Working session in 2016 with Janet Firth, NIgel Spencer and Lesley Hall (Image: Richard Firth)

Fig. 5 Colour variations on the exteriors of Apollinaris sherds

Fig. 6 Plan of Land Parcel 1400

Fig. 7 A range of internal colours on Apollinaris sherds

Fig. 8 John Hurst inspects the sherds of Apollinaris bottles found in Barkham in 1996

Fig. 9 Left: Barry Parker (mid BARG social ping-pong match). Right: Gwen Parker at a Pottery Workshop

Fig. 10 Barkham Manor, formerly Barkham House.

Fig. 11 St James' Church, Barkham

Fig. 12 Joan Morley translating articles on seltzer bottles (Image: Steve Ollerhead)

Fig. 13 Variations in the fabric colour of Apollinaris sherds

Fig. 14 A selection of Apollinaris bottle bases

Fig. 15 Apollinaris bottles showing handles, necks and tops (Image: Richard Miller)

Fig. 16 Evidence of Apollinaris bottles touching in the kiln

Fig. 17 A selection of neck styles on the Apollibaris bottles (Image: Richard Miller)

Fig. 18 The handle of an Apollinaris bottle finished with thumb strokes

Fig. 19 Apollinaris bottles showing (far L and R) profile of handles (Image: Richard Miller)

Fig. 20 Examples of irregularities in Apollinaris bottles, possibly asociated with rapid production, including small visible lead pieces (R)

Fig. 21 Two Apollinaris sherds with the letter marks 'P' and 'J'

Fig. 22 The Apollinaris Spring Stamp (Image: Richard Miller)

Fig. 23 A continental Apollinaris bottle label

Fig. 24 The range in colour between bottles stamped with 'O'

Fig. 25 Distribution of Apollinaris sherds by percentage weight in Land Parcel 1400 and adjacent area

Fig. 26 Examples of German stoneware sherds found in Barkham

Fig. 27 Mineral water bottle from Humphries and Holt of Reading, dating from before c. 1910

Fig 28 Mineral water bottle sherd from T Smith & Co, Old Kent Road, London