2004 Archive News and Events

Date Event Main Outcomes
Sat 21st Jan to Sat 28th Feb 2004

Flint analysis and marking training

This was a programme of 11 events, each attended by groups of 3 to 5 people drawn from a pool of 11 people.  Training was given by Geoff Fairclough and organised by Graham Johnson.
Sun 7th March 2004 Quarterly Meeting at Woosehill The meeting heard presentations on the Archaeology of Heathrow Terminal 4 by Catriona Gibson of Wessex Archaeology and on the Institute of Field Archaeologists by the director, Peter Hinton.
Tuesday 30th March 2004 Dovecotes project meeting

The meeting established the 2004 programme of work and publication.

Sat 3rd April 2004 Peasemore fieldwork

Hedgerow Surveying

Sun 18th April 2004

Peasemore fieldwork

Hedgerow surveying and resistivity work.

Sun 25th April 2004

Visit to Neolithic Avebury

This was a great day out led by Dr. Josh Pollard; for a full account see the June 2004 Newsletter.

Fri 30th April 2004

Hedgerows fieldwork


Sat 1st May 2004

Hedgerows fieldwork


Weds 12th May 2004

Hedgerows fieldwork

The day was spent surveying 2 hedgerows along the line of Saxon Charter bounds just north of the Uffington White Horse.

Weds 9th June 2004

Annual General Meeting, St Paul's Parish Rooms, Wokingham

This meeting started with a presentation by Jane Burrell, the West Berkshire Museum Collections Officer, on Ufton Court, a very interesting Tudor building in West Berkshire.  This was followed by the AGM.

Sunday 18th July 2004

Peasemore field work


Sunday 25th July 2004

Visit to Frilford

An interesting visit to this ceremonial Roman site.

Saturday 31st July 2004

Peasemore field work


Sunday 15th August 2004

Peasemore field work


Saturday 28th August 2004

Peasemore field work


Saturday and Sunday 10th and 11th September 2004

West Hagbourne

Resistivity survey to find the West Hagbourne Chapel of Ease which went out of use after the Reformation of the Monasteries (1536 -1540).  This survey resulted in a geophysics plot which showed the site of a structure, which when linked with the documentary evidence was probably the Chapel of Ease.

Sunday 19th September 2004

BARG Quarterly meeting, Cornerstone Building, Wokingham

The meeting heard a talk by Paul Goodenough entitled Power and Social structure in the land of the Atrebates in the late Iron Age.It fused the historic record from the time of Commius in 55 BC up to the Claudian invasion in AD 43, with the archaeological record to extract details of the two power hierarchies of both secular and religious influence on the people who lived in the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey area.

Saturday, 13th November 2004

Visit to Cirencester

Thirteen members visited the Roman amphitheatre, the Roman wall, the medieval Abbey remains and the Cirencester Museum

Sunday, 26th September 2004

Visit to Bradford-on-Avon and Devizes

At Bradford-on-Avon visited the Anglo-Saxon church and the 14th Century barn, at Devizes visited the Museum

Sunday, 12th December 2004

Christmas gathering at the New Rose Inn, Wokingham

Eighteen members of the Group enjoyed Christmas lunch amid much gossip about the past year's fieldwork and next year's plans